STEAM ROOM is an artistic and cultural team within the field of choreography, dance and performance.

The team is formed and guided by Aleksandar Georgiev (SWE/MK/BG), Zhana Pencheva (BG) and Darío Barreto Damas (SWE/SP), three choreographers/dancers actively operating locally and internationally.

STEAM ROOM is formed out of the wish to facilitate conditions and environments that contribute to the development of the work in the field of choreography, dance and performance in different localities, with an intrinsic international vision. STEAM ROOM aims to open spaces for reflection and wider field knowledge through artistic proposals and cultural initiatives.

STEAM ROOM main interests and directives:

–  The exploration of practices and methods of collective authorship, post- production policies and queer, inclusive and divergent approaches though artistic work.

–  The development and nurture of professional audience through: the exchange of artistic practices, professional dance and choreographic training and the work on articulation and formulation of artistic and cultural language following analytical and critical approaches.

–  The exploration of and engagement to alternative institutional structures.

–  The creation of non- formal networks for expending and sharing choreographic

and dance bodies/devices.

These interests and directives are approached through initiatives focused on research rather than education.




This 1st person writing attempts to give a deeper understating of STEAM ROOM creation, ideology and functioning.

“We are active figures in the field of choreography and dance in different localities. We are friends, family and working partners. Our union is based on motivation and necessity, both related to our current work in the choreography and dance field. In other words, STEAM ROOM comes from an alternative family constellation and its run by our desire to count with better conditions and accessible infrastructures in our artistic work and our cultural field.

We are artists but more importantly we work with art. Taking in consideration the reciprocity of the artistic and cultural work, we need and want to improve, (in several directions), the labour conditions of the localities we are operating with.

STEAM ROOM is focused on the following localities, Sofia and Burgas, Bulgaria; Skopje, Macedonia; Stockholm, Sweden and Tenerife, Spain. How do we approach this? Being part of several localities as one co-existing organism, rather than supporting co- existing localities functioning with one single structural body.

Throughout our work, we want to highlight what constitutes a partnership that shares a common ground but embraces individuality, not pursuing one single identity. We work on co-existence, not demanding the normalization of interests and abilities but running on the logic of equity and diversity. Not to see deviations and disagreements as a problem to be solved but something to be promoted and celebrated. To clarify, we do not work on our individual artistic identities through STEAM ROOM, we do engage in collaborative and collective strategies to fulfil our needs, still conserving our individualities.

STEAM ROOM functions within an alternative institutional sphere. STEAM ROOM does not count with an own legal body, neither physical working space. Our work is based on the reliability on partner’s spaces and administrative bodies, embracing methods of collective support. Choreographically perceiving the mechanisms of an institution, we are investigating different formats that allow us to function away from solid hierarchies and procedures. An institution without legal body, a venue without space, an organism without body”.

For wider understanding of common future, STEAM ROOM, Zhana, Aleksandar, Darío.

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STEAM ROOM is run by GARAGE Collective, a platform for independent artists. GARAGE is our current administrative and production body. Click HERE to visit site.